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Our aim is to provide state of the art irrigation and rainwater harvesting systems for commercial and residential property owners We are experts at sustainable water management and will ensure that your plants, gardens and lawns remain green and fresh all year round while conserving valuable water through our smart technology. Our team is highly skilled and has the knowledge to help you with the toughest landscape irrigation projects, whether you are a farmer, homeowner, property manager or water management professional.


  • Booster and borehole pumps 
  • Galvanised fittings : Galvanised malleable iron fittings     
  • Clean rain advance : Advanced all in one rainwater collection and filtration system simplifies the connection from your gutter downpipe to the tank
  • Rain alert : Wireless measurement device that allow you to monitor the level of water in your tank from the comfort of your home
  • Galvanised pipes
  • HDPE / LDPE pipes : Compression fittings for HDPE pipe Full flow fittings for easy connection of LDPE pipe
  • Programmable / automated controller
  • Electric valve : Electric (solenoid) irrigation valve for residential and small commercial applications
  • Sprinkler heads